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Thinking about buying a home, but not sure where to start?
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Brooke Pearson

Hey there, I’m Brooke and I love helping first-time homebuyers in the Austin area make their first home more affordable!

When I bought my first home in 2005, I didn't fully understand all that came with keeping my home an asset...and my agent didn't teach me either! Without guidance or a budget, my home turned into a burden versus the blessing I dreamed of.
That's the reason I became a real estate agent. To help you! Many people dream of home ownership, but they don't know that it can help them build wealth. And they may not have the right guide to help them along the way, much less after their purchase. I'm here to change that for you! I’d love to chat with you about your home and financial goals during a free consultation.


"I want to get the most money I can when I sell my house!"

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Brooke Pearson, Budget Advocate
and Wealth Builder

The hubs and I were not educated on what we'd need to buy a home or the expenses of owning afterwards. We didn't have any money saved for a down payment, and the "80/20 loan" (2 loans that cover 100% of the mortgage) that we qualified for, ended up taking a big chunk of our monthly income. After adding up needs, home projects, wedding expenses, and the typical "keeping up with the Joneses", we soon found ourselves house poor. Without a budget to get us back on track, house poor brought with it lots of consumer debt!
I don't want you to experience this type of burden, so I'll make sure to answer any financial questions before hand and understand your financial goals beyond the closing table.

A Glimpse Of Equity

Don't Worry About The Joneses,
Keep An Eye On Those Benjamins

In an attempt to pay off our consumer debt, we sold our house and moved in with some family for 6 months. The sale of the house gave us our first glimpse of equity that we used to pay off some of our debt. It was also the beginning of me understanding the power that real estate has to build wealth. 
I’d love to tell you that we got on track after that, but we actually repeated this pattern of home buying, upgrading, and terrible spending for another 10 years...and 3 more houses! While we had the hang of moving down (that’s an expense all its own), we still didn’t have our money under control. 

What my clients say about me

“Things went so smoothly it was almost scary!

Brooke was very efficient in making sure we knew exactly what was expected from us at closing and there were no surprises! She is very positive and knowledgeable!"

—Ray & Jonnie

The idea of a budget finally landed for me after my husband got a significant raise one year. I did not want to continue living paycheck to paycheck or being house poor. It stressed me out to live that way.
Unfortunately, a detailed budget was not anything we had ever really talked about. I didn't realized a budget included everything we spent, but it also meant that we got to tell our "Benjamins" where to go! With the hubs on board, we paid off ALL consumer debt in just over 2 years. We still use a monthly budget for all the things and right now our budget focus is on building wealth with real estate...and yours could be too!
Whether it's buying or selling, I'll make sure that you get the numbers to fit your budget! And if you have little to no experience budgeting like I did, I'll help get you on the right track for it. I'm a money math nerd like that!

Let's Build Your Wealth Through Real Estate

I learned so much about the power of home ownership during our debt free journey.  Our homes are such valuable wealth building tools.  Most real estate, really, is such a powerful tool…that everyone can use to build wealth.
The support you’ll get from me doesn’t stop at the closing table.  I want you understand the importance of maintaining your home to build its equity, how to do that on a budget, and how that home (or many more) can help you build wealth!

When you're ready to talk about your goals, I'm here for you! Just schedule your free consultation here.


Stop wondering
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